5x your businesswith killer google ads

Zero fees. % Based Pricing

I don't make money, unless you make money. Simple! We only take a % when we make you profitable.

no paperwork. no minimum.

The headache of making the swap is our problem - not yours. We'll contact your County or City and streamline the approval process for you.

accurate sales Tracking

We'll setup Google Analytics 4 and conversion tracking so we have accurate performance data.

Daily Conversion Reports

Every decision is data-driven and reported to your inbox Monday morning.

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What Our Clients Say

We've created a return on ad-spend of 5-7X for several clients, from E-commerce, to Accounting, to Car Sales.

James has helped us with an ROI of five to seven times on our ads. Would definitely recommend him to anyone!

Stephanie Brown

Ox & Pine - CEO

James and his team have helped several of our clients scale their e-commerce ads to multiple six figures. I've work with him for over 10 years and working with him is always an incredible experience.

Sam Willson

ProvenCFO - COO

JAMES!!!! this is awesome! You are a BOSS!! Thank you so so so much. This is quite enlightening! This was beyond helpful!  I loved all your ideas, and think this could be a fix to some major problems we are having.  I definitely want to prioritize this and talk with Juanique about the options. Thank you SO much for all the help!

Juanique Roney

Provo Health - CEO
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"Return on Investment of FIVE to SEVEN times."

- Stephanie B.

CEO - Ox & Pine .5 Million in sales


our wonderful clients

thank you for your years of business.
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WHY us


That BIG Agency

I operate a small, extremely effective team. When COVID hit, I spent all of my time and over $40,000 investing into my Advertising Education.

Now, I've scaled to helping clients make hundreds of thousands in E-commerce, Accounting, Nightlife, Car Sales + more.

I'm a text away, at anytime. I can make changes in minutes, not hours. We  add on clients very few at a time, so you have our undivided attention always.

I believe in honesty, and transparency. It's in both of our best interest's to give you very clear pricing and list of deliverables when hiring me. Communication is key.

I have over 10 years of online business experience under my belt, and I've built a massive range of skills that extend far beyond just 'web design'.

I'm just like you, and I understand. I've struggled like everyone to find clients and build systems that actually work, and I want to take all that I've learned and help those who need it.

Please let me show you you're in great hands!

what do our past clients say?

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seriously, it's so easy!

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We believe Webflow is the most advanced and safest web builder, and I use it for all of my designs.

Of Course It WILL LOOK Nice*

*but it's what your website will accomplish that matters.

sales by the numbers.


Ad Performance

Excellent Ad Ratings mean lower cost-per-click, and more bang for your buck. We make your dollar spread a long way.

Every ad and keyword on Google Ads gets a quality score. It ranges from the quality of your headlines and descriptions, the relevancy of your product, and the landing pages you drive traffic to.


Accurate Sales Data

Get a report on performance every Monday morning, or check on it anytime, any day.

You can only improve what you can accurately track. That's why we track every lead, every conversion, and every source, so we can accurately see what's working and double down on successful ideas.


Revenue Generated

We've helped our clients generated hundreds of thousands.

We don't charge monthly fees or setup fees. All we ask is a commitment of a few months so we can get enough data for your account to be profitable.

web design

optional features


e-commerce specialists

James David & Co is a top advertising firm based in Utah, servicing the entire USA. We specialize in Google Ads management services and cost-effective PPC solutions. As a digital advertising agency, we cater to Shopify stores and excel in e-commerce video ads. Our white label Google Ads agency offers result-driven online advertising strategies. Trust James David & Co. to elevate and optimize your Google AdWords E-Commerce management cost while delivering outstanding outcomes in the ever-evolving marketing landscape.


meet the team

wouldn't be here without 'em.
CEO & Founder

James founded JD&CO, and is heavily involved in the day-to-day of each client's long-term success.

account manager

Steve was a sales coach for 10 years, now manages client accounts and ads, and helps fine-tune our client experience.

marketing manager

Peyton handles our client's entire process of SEO, Newsletters & Blog needs, including writing, and publishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing work?

Example: Let's say you put in $1,000 and make $3,000 back. We would take 20% of everything above your initial investment (20% of $2,000).

You really don't have any fees?

Nope! All we ask is for a few-months commitment so we can make your account profitable.

How long will it take before I see good results?

Google has to learn your business, and that can take between 4-8 weeks usually. This can change however, and a smart advertiser knows the game is always changing.

Can you manage my website every month?

Yes! Just ask. I have a management package for all of my clients.

What software do you use? What is Webflow?

Webflow is the greatest web builder of our current time. It's newer than all those old builders like Wordpress or Squarespace, and so it plays nice with the internet.

Do you help with filming ads and making content?

Yes! Your ads must have real, natural content to stand out these days. Luckily for you, we offer custom video ads and content.

Can you transfer my old website to Webflow?

I can't transfer it over - but I can build you a brand new one, that will be 1,000 x better, copy over all of your old content, and make it better too!

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