This is actually my very first article for

James David & Company.


I suppose the first thing I should write about is a brief introductory as to what JD&CO is exactly. A film studio? A Consulting Firm?  A place for life coaching and mental clarity? Well, it’s all of the above.

My intention for JD&CO is to create a community and foundation that fuels my future education center - The Nomad Academy.

You see, my entire life i’ve been massively intrigued with climbing the mountain - the continuous, never-ending journey up - or rather the journey in - the path of self discovery and growth… and not in any lighthearted fashion - I’ve committed my entire life’s purpose to one quest:

An adventurous and dangerous journey across all the seas of the earth for the sole purpose of seeking out and collecting wisdom from the Seven Wise Masters.  

Who are the SWM exactly?

Well you’ll just have to wait and see.

The purpose of James David & Company is to inspire those who are like me - those who seek to become the best versions of themselves, but looking for new and innovative ways. Those who are addicted to world travel, but want to add a meaningful and purpose-filled drive to their journey. Those who want the freedom to craft their own turf purpose in life, but who might not know where to start in online business or trading crypto.

JD&CO is here to guide Nomad’s to their chosen destination.

Through traveling the world, documenting my journeys, creating well-made online courses, hiring coaches, and sharing the knowledge of all those we encounter on the way, you will hopefully find much of what you need to get on your life’s path of purpose - or at least feel inspired with where to start. :)

-James David